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Amanda Gmür is inspired by nature and the wonders of her surroundings. The landscape of her childhood
in South Africa and now the Zurich lake and Swiss Alps, are a constant source of motivation.
Her recent work reflects this in an abstract approach to landscape, capturing vast sweeping land
and waterscapes and nature in textured oil paintings on canvas. Amanda was born in South Africa and
studied fine art at the University of Natal. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree, 
she moved to Johannesburg to work in interior design. She then travelled and lived in London and
New York before settling in Switzerland.


Original art-pieces open a relationship between the viewer and the artist.

It creates something unique that can excite, heal, relax and inspire something new.

That’s what I feel about how art works, how it affects me, and I hope you can have that journey with me through my paintings.



If you have a favourite view or mountain, or colour scheme that you would like a painting to embody, then please contact me to discuss commissioning a painting.



Just as a regular schedule that works well for your work day or school or family life, I find great comfort in pattern. During these crazy days of lockdown it has been so hard to establish a routine or even know what day it is! And I found myself needing to sketch repeated shapes or things with many similar shapes. My Lemon Trees with their many leaves and the geometric patterned pots calmed me right down.
I recently signed up to an online course with Heather Moore - the owner / designer of Skinny laMinx fabric design (a long time favourite of mine. I recommend the course to anyone - no artistic experience needed - just a love of colour and creating beautiful organisation. Here is the link to her course:


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