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May 1, 2021

There are many forms of art therapy and can help people with relaxing, releasing pain and trauma, and gain confidence.
This line that I have developed is based on pattern, repetition and fundamental rhythms in the natural world and how people through the ages have expressed them.
While having a chronic pain condition, I started doodling patterns and repeats to give my mind something to focus on other than my pain. I found it soothing and relaxing and ultimately rewarding. It broadened my awareness, I noticed circles and ovals and repeated shapes all over my garden and my world.
I’m have been an artist for so long and know the joy of colour and the therapy in putting brush to paper. But I am also a busy working mum of 3 so my art was always something that got shoved to the back of my calendar. I work in oils, so that is a bit smelly and messy and felt like too much work when there was already so much on.
But the joy of a set of paints and thick watercolour paper is a very easy, neat and quick way to get a nourishing fix of art. I say nourish and fix because it can start to replace things like snacking too much or over binge-watching Netflix. Or course there is time for that too! But working with your hands, gently watching the magic of water and pigment play out on the page, can really enrich your life.

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