Artist Workshops Made for You

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I offer various different classes for students of every level. At the beginner’s level, I offer a variety of lessons to loosen up your hand and get you started with basic lines and shapes. I also offer intermediate and advanced lessons for artists wishing to break away from the basics and into more experimental work.


 Art beginners Toolkit - An introduction to art!

6 Week workshop:

Hello everyone, 

Does anyone need a relaxing ′′me time"? 

Creativity is the best antidote to stress!

I'm starting a 6 week workshop program to show prospective artists of all ages and levels a wide array of techniques, materials and skills so they can develop their creativity and style establishing a “toolkit” for their future projects.

The classes are fun and relaxed, but we make good progress!

Dorfstrasse 44, 8712 Stäfa

Tuesday 90 17:15/17:30 min

Starts 26 October


Saturday 90 10:15/10:30 min

Starts 30 October

6 weeks CHF 330 incl. Materials and materials

This workshop is an overview of lots of different styles and materials and is great for teens or beginners of all ages to experiment and figure out which media suits them to express themselves best.

Colors: acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink. On different materials and papers. Working with markers, pencils, coal and brushes in different styles - illustrations, realistic and abstract.

Canvas, block print, linocut, collage, silicone and fabrics.

Please contact me for more information!

Woman Painting